Welcome to The Pipeline

The Harry L. Reed Oil & Gas Law Institute of South Texas College of Law Houston welcomes you to the “The Pipeline,” the oil and gas law blog that we teachers and students associated with the Institute hope will provide an outlet for dispatches on topics of oil and gas law and economics. 

Our hope is that this format will allow us to more quickly discuss “hot” subjects that more formal outlets such as reviews, journals, and even newsletters might not have the agility to properly cover. In addition, The Pipeline will deliver lengthier pieces on more abstract questions that come up in oil and gas law. While we will initially focus on upstream matters, we want to eventually spread to mid- and downstream topics. Associated with the blog, a Twitter account will be set up to announce new posts. 

Harry L. Reed Oil & Gas Law Institute Faculty
South Texas College of Law Houston 

Some Fundamentals on Shut-In Royalty Clauses

As the tide of the COVID-19 virus washes over us, freighted with an economic slowdown and corresponding lessening of energy use, production companies are scrambling to curtail production. Well portfolios across entire basins are being shut-in because storage capacity is … Continue reading